Wood Veneer Packaging

Go for the grain with wood veneer labels, boxes and more

Imagine your ideal customer walking into a store. They turn the aisle and scan crowded shelves—where your product sits alongside a dozen others, vying for consumer attention. What will make them choose your brand?

Setting your product apart goes beyond a beautiful color palette and attractive logo. To make an unforgettable first impression, your product needs substance to match. Wood veneer packaging and wood labels can help consumers choose you. And that’s where Naturís steps in.

veneer layers

Feel the difference in sensory premium packaging

Wood labels make graphics pop. Texturized veneer packaging begs to be touched. Naturís is a sensory brand experience that’s utterly memorable. As premium packaging on a perfume box or woodgrain luxury labels on wine bottles, consumers sense something special about a product with authentic wood veneer labels. It’s the unique grain texture that brings packaging to life, conveys quality and care, and returns consumers to your brand. In fact, sensory experiences drive 9 out of 10 shoppers back to stores.


birch box label

Birch Veneer Wood Paper

cherry veneer box

Cherry Veneer Wood Paper

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cherry wood bourbon label

Stand out with Naturís wood labels

If you are a food and beverage brand or CPG marketer who wants to create the kind of brand experience that turns consumer heads, turn to Naturís by Great Lakes Veneer. To deliver industry-leading wood veneer products, including wood veneer labels and wood veneer packaging, Great Lakes Veneer sources the finest hardwood and harnesses one-of-a-kind TruFXTM AI (artificial intelligence) technology to ensure quality production. The result: High-end veneer, every time.

Elevate your packaging with high-end veneer

From beverage labels to cosmetics boxes and business cards, Naturís can turn flat brand packaging into premium packaging for stand-out results.

Ready to elevate your product?

Go against the grain with Great Lakes Veneer, for premium veneer packaging and wood labels that give your brand an edge.

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Bourbon images courtesy Wausau Coated. All rights reserved