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The Great Lakes Veneer Approach

At Great Lakes Veneer, we take pride in using high-quality logs and precise technical processes to make gorgeous wood veneer, while also providing “bend-over-backward” customer service. We strive to be the ultimate partner in the hardwood veneer industry, ready to go the extra mile for our log suppliers and wood veneer customers. From the moment we select our logs to the moment our customers’ products arrive at their doorstep, the Great Lakes Veneer team provides the attention to detail, precision and consideration our partners deserve.

Keys to Success


Our log buyers select the types and grades of wood our customers require by meeting face-to-face with loggers in the field. And every interaction with our customers has that same meticulous care, ensuring our customers receive a product optimized for their production process.


We take pride in our ability to turn a variety of hardwoods – including oak, ash, maple, and hickory – into beautiful wood veneer.


We’re constantly updating our equipment, using cutting-edge technology – including computerized grading and continuous moisture detection systems – to provide our customers with cuts and characteristics that are unmatched in the industry.

Partnerships built on trust

By delivering the keys to success, we’ve established mutual respect with our customers which enables us to work collaboratively and provide the best service experience in the industry.

Our focus on technology and building long-term relationships creates an experience our partners have come to appreciate and respect. 


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