A family-friendly company 

At Great Lakes Veneer, we know that it takes every member of our team working together to meet our goals. We are an innovative group with a sense of camaraderie rarely seen in other workplaces, as each individual team member is truly valued. In addition, we take great pride in our focus on wellness and work-life balance.

We appreciate and support our team

Here at Great Lakes Veneer, no one is just a name, a face or a job title. We care about one another. And actions, not just words reflect this—whether it’s pitching in on the production line or lending a hand when a team member needs help in their personal life.

This drive to take care of our team members extends to the customer experience. We know that by taking great care of our team, they will do the same in serving our customers.

We work safely and productively every day, and that work is recognized and appreciated through the safety incentive program, monetary rewards, recognition lunches and special events.

Employees and managers share information and offer feedback

The management team at Great Lakes Veneer has a clear vision of the future, which is shared with team members on a regular basis. Employees, in turn, are encouraged to offer ideas on ways to improve company processes, products and customer service.

Why? Because we know that one person’s great idea can be the company’s next big success story—and anyone can have a great idea.


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As a privately-owned business, we are proud of our family-friendly work atmosphere with a built-in support system. If you’re looking for a family culture, either as a business partner or as a potential job candidate, contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!

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