Great Lakes Veneer: A Rich History of Innovation

Throughout our history, Great Lakes Veneer has a reputation for developing hardwood veneer products, innovating its most sought-after products and staying attuned to market trends. Our company is under private fourth-generation ownership, providing customers and suppliers the stability they seek in a veneer wood supplier.

Our beginnings

Great Lakes Veneer traces its origin to 1894 when the great-grandfather of current owner Peter Rogers founded the company as Rogers & Johnson. The company’s founders, Peter C. Rogers and Peter Johnson, were Danish immigrants who began the business by cutting wood excelsior.

During the company’s second generation, Emory Rogers assumed control of the business, which later transitioned to his two sons, Tom and Jim. During the 1980s, Tom’s son and current owner, Peter T. Rogers, became the fourth-generation to lead the privately-owned, family business.

For more than 100 years, Great Lakes Veneer has positioned itself as the leader of quality and service to its stakeholders.

Founded on family values

To this day, our business operates based on this tradition and history of family values. While the company name evolved from Marion Plywood Corporation to Great Lakes Veneer and product offerings changed to meet market demand, our focus on family values has not. For more than a century, we have consistently focused on treating customers, suppliers and team members with dignity and respect. We strive every day to show them how much value they bring to the company.


Our future focus as a veneer wood supplier

Beginning in the early 2000s, Great Lakes Veneer entered a new paradigm. Significant investments were made in state-of-the-art technology for log preparation, log peeling, veneer drying and grading.

This technology, coupled with 300,000-square-feet of production facility space ensures we meet our customers’ needs in wood species and grade, as well as product quality and quantity.

With more than a century of innovation, Great Lakes Veneer will continue to invest in new technology to set itself apart as a premier veneer wood supplier. Please watch our videos to see our manufacturing process and better understand how our capabilities can help you.