Skateboard Veneer Suppliers

Skateboard veneer made to last

Whether your customers are skateboarding for competition, fun or as a mode of transportation, your product needs to withstand any flip, slide or riding surface that puts your boards to the test. As you search for skateboard veneer suppliers, you’ll find Great Lakes Veneer not only has the product you need but also value-added services to help set you apart from your competitors.

You’ll notice the difference in performance and durability of our skateboard veneer with our collaborative approach to design the veneer.

More than a skateboard veneer supplier

If you’re looking for skateboard veneer or longboard veneer, our hardwood supply is among the best. No matter what you call it—Hard Maple, Canadian Maple, Hard Rock Maple or Canadian Rock Maple—we are the preferred skateboard veneer supplier for new and established skateboard brands. Our hard maple veneer stands up to even the most die-hard riders.

Plus, if you’re just starting out or if you have limited capabilities in your manufacturing process, we do more than just sell veneer. We’ll help you troubleshoot any issues you may have in your manufacturing process. We’re able to help by:

  • Cutting and sizing the veneer to your specifications, making it ready for the glue spreader and press.
  • Producing dyed veneers to match any color you desire. The dye impregnates the veneer to provide lasting colors for your board.
  • Sanding the veneer bases to your specifications.

Ask us about these and other value-added services that will get your skateboards in the hands of customers more quickly.

Quality skateboard veneer when you need it

Those who choose Great Lakes Veneer tell us our on-time delivery and customer service stand out among skateboard veneer suppliers. If you’re looking for skateboard veneer or longboard veneer, we’re able to supply you with the hard maple you need when you need it. Contact us to learn more.

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