Die Board Suppliers

Reliable Products: Die Board Suppliers

Distributors searching for die board suppliers can rely on Great Lakes Veneer for high-quality die boards that can be cut to laser precision for a variety of uses.

Die boards when you need them

As a distributor, you can depend on a trusted supply chain partner for quality, maple die boards. Plus, our die boards:

  • Are long lasting. They are manufactured to withstand continuous use for an extended period of time.
  • Remain flat, which offers the stability needed for precise die cuts.
  • Stand up to elements, like heat and moisture, that may be found in the final manufacturing process.

No matter what size—or multiple sizes—you need, we are able to deliver so that you keep your customer happy.

Die cutting shops appreciate the quality of our maple die boards.


Call us to be your die board supplier

As a die board distributor, you are extremely knowledgeable about what your cutting shop customer needs. Bring your expertise to us for extremely durable maple die boards supplied when you need them. Contact us to learn more.

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