Engineered Veneer Suppliers

Down to the Detail: Engineered Veneer Suppliers

The beauty of a hardwood floor instills pride in any homeowner. One-of-a-kind characteristics of each board give homeowners the feeling their floor is truly unique. At Great Lakes Veneer, we know your customer chooses your flooring based on aesthetic appeal and quality.  Among engineered veneer suppliers, we stand out for unmatched performance and physical properties of engineered hardwood veneer.

Detail and quality at a great value

As an engineering hardwood flooring manufacturer, we know your No. 1 concern is the yield you get from your purchase of hardwood veneer. While we provide you the hardwood species in a cut and thickness you desire, we also work hard to design and produce the features and characteristics that will maximize the amount of product you get from our hardwood veneer.

That means your engineered hardwood flooring will be among the highest performing with a great look. There is no better feeling than knowing you purchased hardwood veneer designed to provide your customers with a beautiful product they can take great pride in. That’s a value proposition you can’t pass by.


With our extensive knowledge of engineered hardwood flooring, we help customers develop new products that bring home unmatched function and beauty.

Our consultative sales approach

We stand out among engineered veneer suppliers for our consultative approach to find a solution for your needs. While others simply ask what you need and provide a price for your request, we dig deeper into your manufacturing process. We know we will provide you engineered wood veneer to match your design and it will function for years to come at a great value. But, we know we can do more. We’ll ask about barriers and problems you face so we can work with you to take advantage of opportunities to not only improve your product but your manufacturing process as well.

In addition, we stay up to date on consumer styles trends and have successfully helped our customers develop new products to propel them in the B2C engineered hardwood flooring industry.

Consider us among engineered veneer suppliers

Our engineered hardwood veneer beautifies homes around the United States and the world. Our customers know they can rely on us for extremely durable, high-grade engineered wood veneer. If you are searching for an engineered wood veneer manufacturer, contact us for veneer you will be proud to put your name on.

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